We’re here to help transform your digital presence. 

Web Design

A beautiful and functional website is a must for every business, no matter the size. Our consulting team will take time to learn what makes your business special and unique, and what functions your site will need.

Our team of designers, copywriters and coders work hard to make sure your business is represented in the best light possible, with the best user experience for your users.


App development

More people are using the internet on mobile phones these days than they are on traditional computers. Through linking with existing mobile technology (such as cameras, GPS, and others) mobile apps can be a much more powerful tool than a straight mobile website.

Our team can help you with market research and envisioning what you want your app to do, and the make it happen.


Bespoke Software

Whether you’ve got an existing program that you want to get more out of, or you can’t find the thing that does exactly the job you want in the way you want it done, we can help.

Our team of coders love to tinker, build, and re-build code to suit their own (and our!) purposes. It doesn’t matter if an idea doesn’t exist yet, they can turn ideas into reality.


The Jiffi Labs

One of the best strategies we have of keeping up with the ever-changing world of digital marketing is by doing it ourselves. 

Jiffi Digital is the parent company of a number of small business entities, such as Jiffi Web Help, and MusicBuzz, and we are constantly researching the latest trends in SEO, social media and digital marketing to get the most out of our businesses. 

We’re passionate about not just telling you what to do, but taking you with us on our journey of discovery. 

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