About Us

Business people. Developers. Constant learners. 

So who are Jiffi digital?

Jiffi Digital was born out of a passion for learning. 

We began life as a consultancy firm, and quickly realised that it wasn’t so much more ideas that people needed, but better systems, better tools, and better understanding of how to get things to work, to get the best results from what they were already doing.

Jiffi Digital is the parent company for Jiffi Web Help, a business we formulated not only because it’s a service we provide and which we’re good at, but because it gives us plenty of opportunity to road-test the latest digital marketing strategies, results of which we can then pass on to our clients.

Running our own business as well as a digital agency ensures that the advice we give is always current, always tested, and always works.

And what do we do?

We still do consultancy work, and we love having conversations with people from all kinds of business shapes and sizes about their needs, and how we can help.

Our greatest joy is seeing people thrive in the vision they’ve set out to achieve.